4 Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


Crowdfunding is a great way to get people to donate for your cause. The funding can help someone pay for a surgery, renovate a home, pay for college or start a new business. There are many platforms available and they are relatively easy to set up. What is not easy is getting your site noticed and reaching your monetary goal.

Deciding to Use Crowdfunding

You should use crowdfunding if you have a cause you feel is relevant and no viable options for raising the capital. Once you decide crowdfunding is the way to go, the next step is choosing a website. There are many crowdfunding websites – there is a list of the top sites based on independent traffic data according to GoFundMe.

Developing a Social Media Plan

Now you have decided on the crowdfunding website, the next step is developing a social media plan. A social media plan is very important. To get attention to the website you will need everyone you know helping you get the word out using many social media platforms including email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Your helpers should post and share something every day. Here are some successful tips to consider when preparing your social media plan.

  1. Get Media Attention Early in the Campaign
    You need to engage with media early in the campaign. You can repost TV segments, radio interviews and news articles to get more attention to your campaign. Start at least two weeks before the campaign with a prepared press release to send to media outlets along with pitching your story to local radio and television shows.
  2. Make Daily Posts Short
    People don’t want to read a lot of information but to have a successful campaign you must make a case for why this is important and what you will do with the resources. These are important points to address. Consider using videos and infographics whenever possible. Using different approaches to make your case makes the campaign more interesting and you may reach those who didn’t read the written content.
  3. Use Statistics and Current Events to Make Your Case
    Create a list of statistics and information that is relevant to why your cause is worth funding. Also keep up with current events — there may be an issue you can use to make your case about why funding your cause is important. The timely information will make your cause more relevant.
  4. Monitor Your Campaign and Share Updates
    Provide weekly updates on the progress of the campaign. Those who gave will want to know you are reaching your goal and those who did not give will see others giving and may be encouraged to give.

These four tips will provide you with a good start to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Successful campaigns take many people posting and sharing information daily. If you develop a social media plan with good content to share, your campaign will be more successful in reaching its monetary goal.