A Helping Hand Can Make Your Organization Thrive


By Earline Marshall

I enjoy working with organizations that make an impact in our communities and work for the good of our society.  I’ve been working with these organizations for most of my career.  That is what nonprofits and small businesses do – they have a positive impact on our society and in our communities. They inspire us and bring our communities closer – they broaden the definition of family.

So, I took that passion and started Marshall Management Group (Marshall Management). Our mission is to help organizations be more effective and sustainable by assisting with development strategies and management. We are here to help your organization connect vision with value and aspiration with resources.

Marshall Management can solve some of the everyday problems – having more mission than resources and more work than staff.

More Mission Than Resources

Haven’t we all been there! Wanting to move an initiative or project forward and the funding is just not there. For nonprofits it’s about sustainable funding. Having the resources to achieve your goals and grow the organization.  Grants alone are not a sustainable way to support a nonprofit, so we help to develop several revenue streams that, when implemented, will position your organization for sustainability over time.

Building a strong small business or nonprofit takes time. It takes good branding that builds community awareness and draws people to your cause. As the organization grows in visibility, your initiatives and programs will draw corporate sponsors and donors. With many partners, fundraising initiatives, individual giving campaigns and grant funding, your nonprofit is on the road to sustainability.

More Work Than Staff

Whether you are a small business or a nonprofit, you can’t hire unless you have resources. Many organizations have projects, membership initiatives, and daily activities that need to get done to run the organization. Finding the resources for that additional employee can be difficult.
A virtual assistant can be a great option for a small business or nonprofit. Services can be customized to your needs – it can be an occasional helping hand that comes in when someone quits, or a consistent person to do daily tasks to free staff to work on other priority projects.   A virtual assistant allows your organization to increase productivity and save money by reducing in house expenses, such as paying for benefits like insurance, vacations, and workman’s compensation.

Small businesses and nonprofit organizations do amazing things, from helping people in depressed countries start businesses so families can thrive, to training volunteers to be court-appointed advocates for abused and neglected children. Nonprofits make our society stronger – they help with medical research, homelessness, education – and so much more.  It takes these organizations to help our communities thrive.


Earline Marshall is President and CEO of Marshall Management Group, LLC. She has 20 years of business experience. She also has a BS in Management Studies and an MBA from the University of Maryland University College. For more information, check our brief video that outlines overall services and connect with us on the Marshall Management Group website. Once there, join us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.