Three Tips to Jumpstart Your Grant Program

The start of a new year can be a stressful and daunting time, but it is never too late to initiate or evaluate your organization’s grant program. The best way to get positive results with your grant initiatives is to plan for success. With over... read more

A Helping Hand Can Make Your Organization Thrive

  By Earline Marshall I enjoy working with organizations that make an impact in our communities and work for the good of our society.  I’ve been working with these organizations for most of my career.  That is what nonprofits and small businesses do – they... read more

Three Ways to Raise More Money for Your Nonprofit Organization

In this podcast, Earline Marshall, President of the Marshall Management Group, discusses fundraising strategies for non-for-profit organizations.... read more

Communication Lessons from the 2016 Election

I believe we can all agree that communication was a key driver in this election. As a business owner, I am consistently looking for ways to be a better communicator – better at informing potential clients about who I am and what I do. Pondering... read more

4 Keys for Great Leadership

This past year, I learned a lot about leadership.  Leadership is something you build over time with each person and every interaction.  It comes from your value system, work ethic, and what you do when no one is watching. I have had the privilege to... read more

3 Tips for Good Project Management

So you were asked to lead a project.  Along with all the other things you have to do this is one more activity added to your plate.  Don’t be discouraged.  Leading a project can be exciting and rewarding.  This is your time to shine and... read more

Earline Marshall Interviewed on Blog Talk Radio

Conversations with Deli, a blog talk radio program, interviews Earline Marshall about the process of starting your own business. Listen now.... read more

4 Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is a great way to get people to donate for your cause. The funding can help someone pay for a surgery, renovate a home, pay for college or start a new business. There are many platforms available and they are relatively easy to set... read more

New Woman-Owned Business in Washington, DC Metro Area: Marshall Management Group, LLC

African American Woman Opens Consulting Service Business   Washington, DC – – Today Marshall Management Group launched its business providing grant research, writing, project management, event planning, and communication services to commercial, non-profits and government agencies. Our goal is to expand the clients’ operational capacities... read more

Business Ethics: Lessons from Life and Nelson Mandela

I came across an interesting article by Andreas Jaffke entitled, Restoring the Character Ethic in Today’s Society. It made me think about how I grew up and the lessons I learned along the way from my parents, family, friends and business colleagues.... read more

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