Business Ethics: Lessons from Life and Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

I came across an interesting article by Andreas Jaffke entitled, Restoring the Character Ethic in Today’s Society. It made me think about how I grew up and the lessons I learned along the way from my parents, family, friends and business colleagues.

From my own experiences and reading about the life of Nelson Mandela, I learned many things. Nelson Mandela was committed to his cause and while he spent many years in prison, he came out with love and hope for his country. What could have left him angry and bitter—he turned into a triumph that changed his country and made him President. When applying these lessons to business, my values didn’t change; I value trust, integrity, accountability, respect, responsiveness and commitment.

A college degree doesn’t always ensure these values are cultivated. These qualities are taught by people who have them and live them every day like Nelson Mandela.

I was blessed with parents who taught me these values, and I was mentored in business by leaders who made these values a major part of our business culture. In an age where ethics are being questioned in almost every industry, there are still businesses that value these qualities – Marshall Management Group is such a business.

Marshall Management Group practices these values every day because the people who work with us live them. We will earn our clients’ trust with excellent customer service, responsiveness and commitment. We build relationships based on mutual respect, a strong desire for excellence and a willingness to always exceed expectations in meeting the goals and objectives of our clients.