Whether your organization is looking to research grant opportunities, pursue grant applications, prepare grant reports–narrative and financial–or administer a program of grants provided to others, Marshall Management Group provides exceptional grant administrative and management services.

Marshall Management is experienced at identifying appropriate grant opportunities, guiding entities in the preparation of a successful application, working with staff to finalize applications and reconciliation reports, and establishing relationships with program officers.  Marshall Management will assist our clients to ensure their success at grantsmanship.  Whether clients want to establish a grantmaking program, maintain, or refine one, Marshall Management has the experience and track record needed to accomplish your goals.

Marshall Management will research every federal, state, national, local and foundation grant opportunity available for our clients and ensure the delivery of exceptional grant proposals by providing the following grant management services.

Grant Research

Marshall Management uses criteria specific to its clients to find grant opportunities and tracks grant application deadlines to ensure annual grant submissions are completed.  Marshall Management also provides a list of all grants submitted with contact information and critical dates for future client outreach.

Grant Development

Marshall Management works closely with clients to understand the organization and its programs to ensure the grant proposal accurately reflects the goals and objectives of the organization and its programs.  We also provide additional insights on how the organization can diversify its revenue streams.  Grant development should be one of several revenue initiatives to achieve sustainable and consistent funding for our clients.

Grant Writing

Marshall Management writes grant proposals.  This includes preparing letters of inquiry, an online or written proposal for submission, and the review or completion of an organizational or program budget.  Marshall Management submits the grant proposal and follows up to ensure any questions are answered by funding organization.

Grant Compliance and Administration

Marshall Management provides any services needed to ensure the client’s compliance with the grant received.  This includes the entire life-cycle of the grant, from  pre- to post-award compliance requirements.

Marshall Management can also administer your grant and award programs.

To learn more about how Marshall Management can help your organization with grants management, contact us at 240-888-1341 or