Marshall Management provides a wide range of management services to ensure the successful outcome of your project or program.  This includes policy development such as writing policy and procedures manual and project statements, updating existing policies, and creating policies based on industry standards and organizational requirements.  Other services include:

Plan Project Definition Document

Marshall Management describes all aspects of the project at a high level. After approved by the customer and relevant stakeholders, the project definition becomes the basis for the work plan. This document usually includes:

  • Project overview
  • Objectives
  • Scope
  • Assumptions and risks
  • Approach
  • Organization
  • Initial effort /cost/ duration estimates

Create Project Work Plan

Marshall Management provides the step-by-step instructions for constructing project deliverables and managing the project and communication process.

Manage Work Plan

Marshall Management reviews the work plan on a regular basis to determine progression in terms of schedule and budget.

Manage Scope and Risk

Marshall Management ensures that any scope-change requests are approved and adjustments to budget and timeline are revised and approved, if needed.  We also carefully monitor against scope creep and provide risks assessments to any additional project changes.  Finally, we resolve issues quickly to ensure project remains on schedule and within budget.

Project Completion Assessment

Marshall Management provides a project summary that outlines the objectives and metrics of success


  • Administer grant programs
  • Manage committee and task force projects such as document development
  • Management leadership nomination process
  • Administer Social Media Plans


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